The worst thing on Television at the moment

is the last shot of this Pepsi Max commercial:


It makes me angry beyond words. Well okay it doesn’t do half of that acheter viagra en ligne suisse. However it is terrible. What exactly are they doing at the end there? I don’t understand. Maybe I refuse to understand or comprehend. In fact I do.






2 responses to “The worst thing on Television at the moment”

  1. leah85 Avatar

    Dunno. I think the problem here is that it's an American advert for an American brand shown in Britain. It reminds me of the seen in the amazing Fight Club with the boss mixed with the groundbreaking film Office Space. Both of which i love.

    Oooh. I'm starting to angry beyond words…

  2. flotsky Avatar

    I also think the guy pretending to get beaten makes noises like Steve Carell. It's just an odd commercial all round, the Americanness of it also doesn't help me.