The weekend I finally became a real man

This weekend, my parents visited, and I bought a powerdrill. I feel like this was the final casting-off of my childhood shroud, as I then spent Sunday morning hanging a very large mirror on the hook I had put up. For good measure, I sorted out the bit of the carpet edging that was sticking up, using a drill in a situation which was possibly inappropriate. What could be more manly that that, I ask you?

Good to see my parents, ate a nice simple meal at The Black Prince in Woodstock. We’ve been there once before, and it has been redone nicely since then. Very impressed with it as a good venue for a slightly posher pub lunch.

This week, I need to read a lot of geek, and do a bit of gardening. Even more plants arrived in my garden this weekend thanks to my mum, which have all duely been planted out. I am reading The Mythical Man Month at the moment, and need to get somewhat further into that.