the things that the everyday folks leave behind

Record traffic to the site yesterday. Not quite sure why. When I say record I mean higher than it has been so far, rather than I’m soon going to be bigger than google. That would be nice, of course. Not sure its quite on the cards mind.

Playing a Zelda game on the GC a lot at the moment. Loverly design, but sometimes a little bit obtuse. Tricky on my aging cells, don’t you know. Must get back on with the writing this evening actually, have to try and balance my need for console gaming with my wish to write a novel. Now if someone wrote a game that was about finding and fighting things, and each thing you found or fought produced a new few pages of a novel, I would rock at that I reckon. However the staring at the screen until words come out game is a lot harder I find. I reckon if I can manage 2000 new words this week I should be happy. Bearing in mind I’ve got a little trip away this week, and I tend to find it quite motivating writing whilst travelling. If I could have one four hour train ride a week, I could easily knock out an awesome best-selling novel in, ohhhhh, 10 or 11 years, no worries.

My fads of the moment are intending to walk back from work a bit more, trying to eat a little less, and trying to smoke a little less. Those who know me should have a good laugh at the last one. Ah well, can but try.


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