No Truck Festival, just lots of flooding

I was expecting that round about now I would have sorted through a mass of photos from Truck Festival, and would be writing a lengthy piece about my experiences there. However it was not to be. About 4pm on Friday, I received a text from a friend to warn me it had been cancelled. A… Continue reading No Truck Festival, just lots of flooding

A new month, new weather.

So what will June bring us? Slightly less rain, hopefully. A trip down to Devon, and possibly the Eden project, almost certainly. Some outdoors drinking, luxuriating in the sun? Certainly tonight, unless things change substantially. I have to go and get my tumbling locks shaved off tomorrow, then we might get out somewhere for a… Continue reading A new month, new weather.

Storm 2006

Mad on Saturday, got caught in what given our weather lately, it could be almost fair to refer to as a tropical storm. Roads flooded out, the store we were in may have been hit by lightning, and at one point we were disasterously beaten by the rain into a wine bar. Tragedy! Even odder… Continue reading Storm 2006