Bizarre Creations Next Live Game – Kotaku

New Xbox 360 Live game coming from the makers of Project Gotham: Bizarre Creations, the guys behind Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and Project Gotham Racing, are working on a new Live Arcade title. Boom Boom Rocket, set to go live this spring, is described as a hypnotic rhythm music game conceived by Electronic Arts’ casual… Continue reading Bizarre Creations Next Live Game – Kotaku

Blue Burst

Have now downloaded Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst for the PC, and now they have the servers set up, will hopefully be playing that tonight. Suspect it will mainly be nothing new until the actual launch, where they will bring out a whole round of new content, but will have a bash and start building… Continue reading Blue Burst

Nintendo woes

Thoughts that came to mind having read the following articles about the Gamecube: GAME refusing to stock Modem and Broadband Adaptors Dixons clearing out Gamecube Question – Are Microsoft responsible for GAME’s attitude towards the Gamecube? Microsoft do have a great deal to do with it, but I suspect not directly. They will give GAME… Continue reading Nintendo woes


These strange college students with their funny jargon and nerdy ways did more to start the computer revolution than any silicon engineering team. naturally curious, these MIT students had devoted their lives to intellectual tinkering. they believed in a co-operative society and imagined themselves living in a utopian world in which people shared information –… Continue reading Copywrite