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  • How to train your iPhone to spell the words you use

    Having had an iPhone 3G for a few months now, I had noticed that it seemed to learn words after you had typed them out a few times, adding them to the dictionary for that phone. I had even wondered if there was a way to get those words directly into the dictionary, but presumed…

  • Bill Drummond Says, Bill Drummond Says

    I’m a bit of a fanboy for Bill Drummond, former member of the KLF, former manager of The Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Big in Japan. More for his chaotic good side and his appreciation of the effectiveness of a good bold font really though, although he absolutely has been involved in some…

  • Local train delayed by a shed on the line

    Flying Shed Delays Train (from The Oxford Times) Best excuse for a late-running train ever.