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  • how not to get followed on Twitter

    There are so many reasons in that single image as to why I did not return this user’s follow…

  • Update on comment spam issues.

    Well, I’ve removed the stats package, but if anything the spam is getting worse. So I’ll set up a plugin to see if that stops things, have a separate issue on that host that needs clearing up first, then we’ll see what happens.

  • Is comment spam on the rise?

    On one of my blogs I’ve had a massive rise in comment spam that has got around my Akismet plugin in WordPress. They aren’t published, as I manually moderate all comments, but it is still a pain. Now my other blogs (on a different host) are fine, so it could be they’re stopping the spammers […]

  • War. What is it good for? Spam it would seem.

    Got spam for this product today, which made me smile: Survival kit.Good to see that in the event of war, the spammers get serious. Remember, order now and get your free bonus roll of duct tape. Did watch some of the footage of the attacks on Baghdad last night. Truely awful, massive explosions. Still quite […]

  • Day three of not smoking

    It kind of feels like I’ve got something I should be doing, which I know I like doing, but I can’t quite remember how to do it. I’m less wired out than I expected, which has to be a good thing. I am on the patches, which makes it easier by far. I’ve now got […]