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  • Upstairs Downstairs at the 02 Academy

    Amused to notice on the way home tonight that if you go to the O2 Academy, you have the option of going downstairs to watch The Buzzcocks, and upstairs to watch Lily Allen. Slightly different choices, there.

  • Lily Allen plays gig just for Oxfordshire

    Interesting little concept this, Lily Allen is going to play the O2 Academy (aka the Carling Academy Oxford, The Zodiac and The Venue), and limit the audience to people that can prove they have an Oxford postcode. Tickets are £15 Lily’s gig just for us (From The Oxford Times)

  • Goodbye Carling Academy/The Zodiac/The Venue, welcome the O2 Academy

    Yes, it’s been nearly a year since the Zodiac on the Cowley Road became the Carling Academy, so Oxford’s main music venue was clearly long overdue another name change. It will now be the O2 Academy. Apparently as an iPhone user on O2, I’ll get priority booking for tickets (I only ever remember to buy…