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  • Funkadelic – Flashlight (Live in Houston, 1978)

    Funkadelic playing live, bringing down the spaceship. Just listen to that bassline. It’s huge, loud, distorted and so very very funky. Like it’s being played by a 5,000 foot high robot made of bass notes, echo and funk. Perfect.

  • Bowie on the Internet

    Today Jack Schofield tweeted an old article from the Guardian in 1999, Tomorrow’s Rock ‘n’ Roll , where David Bowie talks to Emma Brockes about his recently-discovered love for the internet. It’s a fascinating document of the time for me, a few months before I started working “in the internet” (for want of a better description) and at a […]

  • A couple of tips for iTunes playlists

    So I guess now is the time to mention I’ve got an iMac and an iPhone now. I’m loving both of them, so glad I got them. Having done so, it meant it was time to return to using iTunes, which I hadn’t been for a couple of years, whilst all my computers were mainly […]