Still New

Well, feels like I am properly into a new year, back into work now. Joy of beautiful joys. Anyway, I am all new year positive, full of plans to forget by next week. Have been working on learning to write japanese, a little mishaped rectangular box is the japanese for mouth. See, almost there now.

Hmmmmm, a bit of writing should really be the order of the day for the year. A new story or two would be very good. Along with everything else. Perhaps I should write a story in japanese. Running before I can walk sounds good.

Had a result over xmas, revived my old computer as a linux box. Using Knoppix at the moment to boot from cd, but am presently downloading debian, which is the full os that knoppix is derived from. All I need for it at the moment is a wireless lan card, which should be about 40 notes. Means I can use the internet without a big long cable running downstairs (at the moment it is stuffed down the side of my spare bed). Also means I can safely start to learn a bit more about linux without trashing my main pc, which is no bad thing.

things wot I have been playing recently include: the Who wants to be a millionaire dvd. which was quite a suprise, very well put together. Beautiful simplistic design, which a lot of games makers could learn from. Okay, to be fair it is basically a quiz where you are picking one of four answers, but it is so straightforward, anyone can pick it up and play it with the minimum of difficulty. If they bring out a sequel I will definitely have it. Also had a go at eyetoy:groove, which is the first dancing game for eyetoy. Its beautifully done, but a lot more fun if you have any sense of rhythm or timing. I fail on both counts.

watched over the chrimbo period some stuff including the Dave Spikey dvd, which is one of the best stand-up routines i have seen in a long time, ricky gervais animals, which wasn’t as good, Ghost World, which I have seen before, and still love, the extras on the Spinal Tap dvd, which are basically an extra hour of the film, very worthwhile, includes Billy Crystal explaining his mime waiter service “Shut up and Eat!”.