Still learning my craft


I’m learning how to use my macro lens properly on my new camera. A macro lens will allow you to focus in very tightly on an object. To really get your photographs looking perfect takes quite a bit of knowledge of how to set them up properly. I’m getting there. It was quite late in the day, so I might try again slightly earlier tomorrow, and take advantage of a bit more light, which will help with the pictures. Many of my others were less than successful, so it is a matter of looking at the settings, learning, and trying again.


  1. Sweet. Considering this is your first attempt at macro, it’s pretty good. I would have tweaked the contrast a bit and rotated to get rid of the top left brown stuff – distracts your attention! :

    alteration to image

  2. Yep, that definitely improves it a lot. Although as I say, I do think the killer first off was the lower light. The composition is also hard, starting to see it sometimes, but other times it just doesn’t work. Annoyingly, at Luminox on Thursday I could see some great shots involving the heads, that I couldn’t take due to not having the appropriate lens. More expense soon then!

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