Still here, it would appear

Well despite my best efforts this hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth, so I guess I better write something. Well, a good weekend in the main. Firstly got our tickets for this year’s Truck Festival, which we don’t know the line-up for yet, but we do know we’ll have a few friends going, it looks like it will probably be hot and sunny, and I’m going to camp for the first time this millennium. Well as long as I buy our tent first.

Friday I met up with a few friends from Mansfield and Birmingham, after they’d been to see a gig at the Zodiac, we had a few pints then headed back to play Singstar and Buzz until very late indeed. Saturday I managed to get up at a not unreasonable hour, and we had a relaxed shopping trip into town. Mrsfb treated me to the latest Piers Morgan book, which by now I’ve already read, such is its enticing wealth of gossip and celebrity nonsense. We met a couple of friends in the pub to watch the Grand National (none of us won a penny I’m afraid), then made the most of the gorgeous weather to stay out drinking in the sunshine for a while. We went home for dinner, and then that is when the evening started getting weird.

Probably about 8pm, I heard a vague noise outside that might have been someone knocking on the door, so I pulled back the curtain at the front to check. And found four policemen standing outside staring at me. Which I wasn’t quite expecting. They also looked pretty serious. When I spoke to them, they informed me they’d had a phone call from someone who was threatening to kill themselves, and who had given our address. Which was quite the thing to take in. I pointed out that it wasn’t us, and the policeman that came in to talk to us wanted to make sure, which is fair enough. I showed him around the house so he could see in each room that there wasn’t anyone there, and he phoned the number they had been given just to check it didn’t ring. After he was happy with that, he thanked us and went on their way. I have to say, when I’ve dealt with the Police here in Oxford, they’ve been brilliant, really friendly and caring in the right sort of ways.

So we settled back down, but about 50 minutes later, there was another knock at the door. I could see a flashing blue light through the front door, so I guessed what might be going on. I found an ambulance man and woman on my doorstep, looking very concerned. Same deal again. Having explained to them what was going on, I called the police to see if they knew what was going on. They explained that they had a tape of a phone call, from an obviously somewhat disturbed and slightly incomprehensible person, and as best they could make out the address was ours. And about 50 minutes later again, we had another house call from a paramedic. He explained the chap was still calling, and they still had to check as it was the best lead they had. And that was our Saturday evening. Most disturbing, no idea why our address kept coming up, but from what the police said they didn’t seem to think it was just a prank call. We haven’t had anything since, but that really set me on edge, shook us up a bit. I’m hoping they decided to start tracing the calls and track him down that way, as it would seem the person really didn’t know where they were. There’s nothing on the local news sites, so I just hope they’re okay. And that this is just a strange co-incidence thing.

I’ve also had a new email about P Wyndham Little, which if you don’t know about I’ll explain in another post shortly, but that only adds to my general sense of weirdness at the moment.







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Oh my God. You poor things, that’s awful. I hope you both had a good strong drink xxx