Still building, not there yet

Fun weekend with mrsfb, bought her an engagement ring. Which is an odd thing to do for your wife 🙂 It had been lost a little while back, and no amount of searching and lifting floorboards had been able to find it. So we did the next best thing, and I got her another.

Last night was spent getting to Elite ranking on Burnout: Revenge. Lot of work to manage that, and the next level is going to take a lot more. Basically need to win every single race out of about 169, of which thus far I’ve done about 60. So there is still a fair bit of life in the game yet, to get me through the cold winter nights.

Also need to think about what games I am looking for next, ideally need some different themed games for the xbox, with xbox live in them. May end up getting a golf game for mellowness sake. Last night, when I closed my eyes, I could see traffic.

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