something by kate bush about clouds

Lousy day outside, the sort that makes you want to turn right around and break your leg the moment you step outside.

Stayed up late last night to watch “Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy” which is just a great comedy movie. Bombed apparently, which is such a shame, as it was outstandingly funny. Cruel and evil, but funny. Got some old episodes of Kids in the Hall, will have to watch those soon.

Do now have a camera phone, its lovely and silver and shiny and everything. Can post pics from it to e-mail, so if I see anything I like it will find its way here hopefully. Was suprised to find out how nice (relatively speaking) a picture of tv it took, so I now have a scene from Zelda on my phone as wallpaper. GEEKBOY!

Managed about 230 words last night, so did something, but I think I was mainly writing a short allegory for not being able to write, so I may well have to ditch that at some stage.