So what am I up to at the moment?

Well, not a lot really, trying to get myself together and organised again for the new year. I haven’t really got any projects going at the moment, other that starting to use the autoblogger I set up that is adding some other posts to the site, as well as my insightful little pieces.

I have been playing a lot of Xbox 360, mainly Burnout Revenge and Tony Hawk’s Project 8 at the moment, as well as some Phantasy Star Universe. Burnout is just as annoying in terms of voice communications as the Xbox version, although overall it seems more stable. Offline it is a great game, and the addition of achievements is a wonderful thing, gets me playing it where normally I’d have got fed up by now. Same with Tony Hawk, my desire to smash through the 2000 barrier is driving me in both games at present.

Outside of that, I have a decent stack of geek books to work through, and a trip to London next week for a course in Java, which I’m really looking forwards to. Whole week in a hotel, hope my money lasts out! Does also mean that I’ll effectively miss a week of Celebrity Big Brother, which may be no bad thing.