Sleep, sweet sleep,

a nectar that fills the soul with warmth, soothes the mind’s edges gently. Yes I slept. I had to cheat slightly, I used an oil burner near the bed with some rose oil in. Did the trick fantastically, dropped off after about 15 minutes. Did remember to blow the candle out before I went over as well. Bonus. Don’t ask me why, I don’t like the thought of sleeping pills, never have.

I notice google have launched their Web Design client today. You get 100MB of space with it too. I bet anything they start offering Domains and proper hosting within 6 months. Makes a lot of sense for them I reckon. If they build a lot of the “nasty” bits of organising domains and the like into a nice easy google-style interface, they could get a lot of business. Add in your Google Adsense, your blog, etc into one big manageable package, and you are really getting a lot of stuff bundled together.

In fact, one of the things that annoys me most about Google at the moment is that I do use a lot of their services, but it doesn’t seem linked up enough yet. I should login once, then flip between the services using handy links. Just doesn’t work like that though.