Sky TV

My friend C has just got sky. She asked me what she should watch. This was my reply:

QVC. Everyone who gets sky should devote one evening of their lives to watching this. Just the once mind.

Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, on Discovery. God of nature programmes.

Liquid News on BBC3. Will be ending at the end of the year, the main presenter paddy is a genius.

Doggie Fizzle Televisal on MTV. Its Snoop Doggy Dogs comedy show. And it works, somehow.

Challenge TV – the quiz show channel. Now bear with me on this one. I can see why you would think that old repeats of quiz shows would be the last thing you want to watch. Ahhh, but if you have sky, you have sky interactive. And a lot of the quiz shows on here are, interactive. So you can sit and watch them, and compare your scores against the contestants. Brilliant. And they have takeshi’s castle. A japanese quiz show starring Beat Takeshi. Who to the fans of cult japanese films like Battle Royale is a great actor. To the Japanese however, he is considered with all the cultural distain that we show Noel Edmonds over here. This show is why. I quite like it myself.

Thane TV – home of the 20 minute infomercial. Just like you see on the Simpsons, some of the presenters are even mimiced on the simpsons. Since I got sarah into watching this channel, we have seen most of every infomercial ever. Marvel at “The Tuxedo Painting System”.

The Dating Channel – There is a good reason why most of the people on these channels dont have a data. Watch in quiet awe why. I believe on Sky you get 7-8 of these, both for different areas of the country, and for different persuasions.

Digital Radio – you get a load of radio stations. You want to be looking at the schedules for BBC7. You’ll know why when you see them. They have been repeating old on the hours and everything.

Cartoon Network & CNX. If you get these, just have a quick glance every so often, as there is plenty on there you will need to know about for if/when you get round to having kids, because they should be watching these channels

Eurosport. Now, there is a time and a place for this if you don’t acutally like sport. At the back of my mind at the moment is a comedy show based on a fake version of Eurosport. What I truely love about it is watching Winter Sports and the Tour de France. Most of these necessitate commentators babbling their way through hours of fairly dull sport. It seems to morph into a European version of Brian Johnson commentating on cricket. Thats probably not the best all round sell of it, but I do love it.

BBC Parliament – Just because randomly on the occasional saturday, they will repeat a whole days general election coverage from the 70’s or something. Pure history

Biography Channel – The Actors Studio programmes. A bit sucky up to the stars, but very good.

SKY1 – Simpsons agogo, futurama, and the occasional other imported gem.