So, last night we went and experienced the delights of Cowes’ pubs. Very chilled in fact, quiet pints in a couple of places, the latter of which had an online jukebox with two million tracks to chose from. Which leads me to make a public apology to anyone in that last pub for anyone there who had to listen to mrsfb’s choices of the Backstreet Boys and Blazin’ Squad.

Today we decided to go off and explore the island a bit further, so we got a bus into Newport, then another into Shanklin. The bus service is frequent and exceptionally fast, as we discovered at the front of the top deck of a double-decker bus, racing over the hills to Shanklin. Best of all was when the driver speed up for a hump back bridge.

Once there, we had quite a decent walk from the town own to the seafront. Nice views around there, but it was already shutting down for winter in the main. We did manage to find a hotel bar that was serving cream teas (and playing early rock n roll hits just that bit too loud for comfort). Then onto the arcade to play a selection of very good machines. I think the river-rafting game was the most fun, as we both sat together to control the paddle. I was also beaten on the mini-bowling alley by mrsfb. No excuses, she played well. And a mountain-biking game, that was a bit of a mistake for us both to play just before we had to walk back up the cliffs into town.

So we’re both a bit tired now, and are back at the house supping tea, and considering what we may eat tonight (fish restaurant is favourite, if it is open).


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