Shake your body down

At the moment I am listening to a playlist on my mp3 player of about 2000 songs shuffled up. Its great, but it can catch you quite unawares when you have had two Fall tracks in a row, and all of a sudden a disco classic kicks in.

Did actually mow the lawn, which suprised even myself frankly. And repotted two cactii, so they have more room to grow. My garden looks bad, but my cactii are cool.

Have lost a very small amount of weight (pound or two at the moment). I have changed my eating habits somewhat, and started walking back from work most days. Shame not too in this lovely weather. I am determined to keep it up, but I am coming to the evil but inevitable conclusion that I need to do something else in the way of exercise as well. Actually, after fighting the garden last night (it was somewhat overgrown) I do think that gardening is no bad thing, but I need something a bit more than that. I may have to look at my bike at long long last.

And then think about actually riding the bloody thing.