Second Child Syndrome

I’ve mentioned it before, but my friend Emily’s blog Second Child Syndrome is really worth a look. We’ve yet to experience the joy of crippling our finances and ruining our social life, so what she has gone through, and is going through is a different but very interesting world to me. Despite my tone, we do want to, so it is genuinely educational, but over and beyond that it is a very well-written blog, which isn’t something you hear said that often. Go and have a look for yourself.


3 responses to “Second Child Syndrome”

  1. I really do want to have lovely fluffy ickle Flotsky babies but is there any chance you can give birth for me, breastfeed and give me a ring when the little darling is fully poo trained and schooled?

    Ta 😉

  2. Poo training & schooling, I will do whatever I can. Birthing and breastfeeding (the latter should you choose it, read Emily’s blog on that subject) is something you can’t skive out of no matter how hard you try.

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