Scalextric Obsession

Scalextric Cars - Ferrari 330 and 250

I’m building a nice little obsession with Scalextric at the moment. Decided that I needed a set for my birthday last year, and have enjoyed that so far, but since the end of the last F1 season, I think I felt I was missing the racing, so to fill the void I started building up my collection somewhat. Now have a few NASCARs, F1 cars, old Ferraris, and just any cars that take my fancy. NASCAR and F1 are my favourite ones at the moment, will probably concentrate on building up my sets of those.

I’ve started making plans, scary plans, ones that might involve solder, painting and woodwork. All things I will confess are not high on my greatest talents list at the moment. I’ve looked into what other people have done, and there are some scary/brilliant tracks out there. I’m not intending to come close to that at all, but I will have a go at making something nice. Couple of thoughts at the moment, one is to build a NASCAR oval, the other is to make something with a few more turns. Something to be said for both ideas, but I think the best bet is to aim for something manageable.

I must go, I’ve got to check on the price of a sidecar on Ebay…



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