Feel like utter rubbish today. Was all over the place last night, couldn’t place it, and then today I feel crap, light-headed and generally just coldish, aching and many forms of miserable. Mrsfb is off today, I’m in work, so I strongly suspect I’ve got a mild version of what she has. Grrrrrr.

It also had me lucid dreaming at about 4:30am, some really strange stuff about a game and logic system involving blogging. Yes, I dream in blogs. I can’t quite explain much more about it, it is all very odd, but if I do remember anything I will write about it, I seem to recall it seemed entertainingly banal.

This isn’t what I wanted to write at all, I was meaning to write last night, and thought I had enough to say, but now I sound just miserable. I am, but not in a tragic way. I think in writing this I am effectively saying “pull yerself together you plank”.

Let me see, other stuff is there. Have watched the Sony and Nintendo conferences from E3. Safe to say that Nintendo’s presentation was somewhat bullish, they really think they have the future of gaming on their hands. Well, I think the next few days will decide that. Once all the major players in gaming magazines and websites have played with Wii, they will start to either bolster or destroy its reputation. As the control methods are so key to the success of the console, we can’t judge until we have played it. What I have seen thus far looked great, but I need a go. So long to wait!