Rubbish weather, where is my global warming now?

All cold and wet outside, this is no fun at all. A few weeks ago it seemed like we were in for the longest and hottest of all summers, now those thoughts are relegated to thoughts of should I have waterproofs or an umbrella in my bag (it has been so grotty I’ve gone for both thus far this week).

Had a good trip to Birmingham on Saturday night, whilst mrsfb went off to visit a friend in Woking, I went out with some mates up there, and spent a very pleasant evening talking boys rubbish and drinking beer, whilst a pirate wandered around the pub. No, we didn’t figure out what they were for either.

I’ve been trying out the streaming tv program by Joost. Rather nice. Looks very good as you navigate through it, and the actual quality of the video, and of how well it streams is great. Content is maybe a little sparse on the ground at the moment, but they are supposed to have signed up some quite major companies recently, and it is still in beta, so there may well yet be more to come. Only downsides are that there isn’t a version in Linux yet, and some of the menus were a bit weird, I would be told that a channel wasn’t available, but then if I drilled down I could happily watch programmes listed in the channel. Watched some old America motor racing (IRL) that was great fun.