RSS feed is patchy

I’m sure the that all the potention rss users of this site (i.e. me and possibly one other person. And I amnot counting on them having read this anyways) will be very interested to know that the rss feed only half works.

You can see the stories listed in your reader, but the url’s do not work. Will fix this soon I hope.
Busy at the moment downloading IntelliJ and various versions of Java. One day this site might have
some nice Java applications I have written. Or not.

Actually, I should do a downloads section some day. I do have a thing actually work publishing, which
is a a search engine extension for Firefox (which if you hadn’t heard already, is the best thing to happen to the internet since the hyperlink). My extension adds the ability to search Google Images directly from the search bar. Which is handy if you use it a lot (I do for various reasons, mainly for doing bad photoshops