Rip Torn pleads not guilty to drink-driving charge

Rather sad bit of news this, the magnificent Rip Torn is up on a charge of drink driving in Connecticut. The police report sounds pretty damning, and seeing as he doesn’t appear to have a driver’s licence now due to a previous conviction, it looks like he could be in a lot of trouble if he is found guilty.

Rip Torn is something of a hero, as to my mind he responsible for one of the most spectacular characters in all of sitcom history, Artie from The Larry Sanders Show. I was angry that Alec Baldwin seemed to be doing an impression of Artie on 30 Rock, so I’m slightly sated by the news that Torn is now playing his boss on the show. As a fan, I’m just a bit sad that he’s got himself in trouble again.

30 Rocker Rolled by DUI – E! Online

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