Returning mush of stuff

Well hello, back to blogging proper after that little interlude. Have returned from Devon, and have been back at work a couple of days. Should try and remember to write properly about a few things, but as a summary for now, in my flickr photos down there on the right are loads of pics from Paignton Zoo. We had a cracking meal at Abode in Exeter, and I now have to think about how you bake gnocchi, because that is what they appeared to do, and it was gorgeous. Had a very good trip, basically.

I am presently loving both Animal Crossing and We Love Katamari, the latter of which caused me to have some very strange dreams about rolling up everything around me. It is a must have game for the PS2, really have to write about that some more.

And I have a set of new stuff to find and listen to in terms of podcasting, as well as thinking about if I want to do more videoblogging (I may well). Finally, I have a couple of longer things about days gone past I have to write about, one of which is the mysterious post I mentioned a little while back. Will try and get caught up over the next week. I have lots to do at the moment, so little time in comparison. Well once I factor in being a lazy bastard that is.



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