Recipe I wanted to remember

Saw this posted on a messageboard, and thought I’d hang onto it here.

BBBQS (bootys BBQ special)

de-bone a leg of lamb and marinate it in a
rub of lemongrass, spring onions, cumin, dried chilli, ginger, garlic,
olive oil and seasoning. Then cover in foil and put in the oven for
about 35 minutes for a half-leg. Now take it out and put it on the
bbq, keep turning it until the outside has a charred crust. Leave it
to rest for 10 mins and then slice it super thin, it should be nice
and pink.

Pile the meat on a big platter (there will be loads) and serve with
warmed pitta, mint yoghurt and rocket, people can make there own
sarnies up.

Sounds nice, don’t it.







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  1. The Prumeister Avatar

    You gonna make that on Saturday?!!!


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