Psychoville S01E06 AND S01E07 – or not

Psychoville on BBC2 is starting to pick up pace now. All the disparate strands are now intertwined, and the murder and terror is coming thick and fast. Dawn French’s terrible blood-transfusion revenge was a particular gruesome highlight.

Now we’re nearly at the end, it seems clear that they really have written a decent sequel to the League of Gentlemen. It’s got a similar feel, but perhaps with a tighter plot to it all. Both are elaborate mechanisms to wrap around a sketch show, but this is no bad thing when they are so gruesomely funny. I’m sure we will have some death, destruction and resolution in the final episode, but I get the feeling this won’t be the last we see of it. I hope not too.

Note that I haven’t seen the final episode yet. At the end of the sixth episode, we were promised that we didn’t have to wait, we could watch it NOW on the red button. Like an excited puppy I waited patiently for the Virgin Media box to load slowly, only to find nothing. No final episode. They hadn’t put it up. People were sad. Maybe a final cruel joke. Or most likely a fuck up. Gah.