Productive Weekend, mostly

Well, we got a few things organised, most of all, got ourselves new bikes. This is Mrsfb’s:
mrsfb's new bike
and this is mine:
My new bike
I am never drawn to bikes by fancy things like suspension or disc brakes, noooooo. It was fun riding them home, as Mrsfb hadn’t cycled for about 13 years, and in her own words “the last time I did I went on the wrong side of the road, and was quite indignant at all the drivers honking their horns at me until I realised”. So she was a little nervous, but got back into it very quickly, and is now quite enthusiastic about getting out for a little ride somewhere this week. I can’t wait too, will be great to be able to go off on a long cycle ride together when it gets warmer.

We also managed a meal out at Loch Fyne, gorgeous fish restaurant in Jericho. I had kippers followed by pan-baked bream with watercress pesto, mrsfb had an assortment of herrings, followed by crab cakes. One of the advantages of giving up smoking appears to be having money left over at the end of the month for meals out and buying bikes.