Podcasts worth listening to – The Adam and Joe Show

I’ve been a fan of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish for many years, since their Channel 4 show (Adam and Joe DVD),  and was rather pleased when they started doing a podcast of their XFM show (which is still available to download). They sadly disappeared from podcasting for a while, but then triumphantly re-emerged with a highlights show of their Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 6 Music. It’s normally about 30-40 minutes long (they skip out all the music for copyright reasons) and is a source of constant joy and stupidity.

It’s a hard show to sum up, they basically talk rubbish about life, tv, film and music, and it makes one laugh a lot. I think the favourite things they’ve done for me are their Songwars (each week, sort of, they write competing songs about the same theme, and then ask the public to vote which one is the best), and Joe’s sections on films and videos (he introduced me to the true magnificence that is R.Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet). The XFM show in which he explains Trapped in the Closet is particularly worth listening to.

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