Pleasing Norman Tebbit

Well it has been far too long since I cycled, and my bike had fallen into very poor repair. It was about time I did something about it. So a few days ago I oiled it. This was a good start. Things moved that didn’t look very likely. However the brakes and the gears were a little shakey. So I tried to sort them out, but I couldn’t get them to behave as I wanted. Well mainly to do the whole braking and changing gears thing.

So I took the bike along to Cycle King. I would give you a link here, but they don’t appear to believe in websites. Which is actually something I approve of. If you don’t know what you are doing with a website, or you don’t know why you should have one, particularly as a business, there is sometimes a good case to be made for not having one. You could be wasting time that is better spend on promoting yourself in ways you understand. Anyways, they have sorted out my bike, and tonight I got back onto it properly.

I managed twenty minutes, and loved every second. I could have gone for an hour or so, but I didn’t want to worry mrsfb having told her I was off for a quick spin, and in addition it is about 200000000 degrees centigrade here at the moment. Well it was 35c earlier, it may hit 37c tomorrow, which would be the hottest recorded in Britain for a century. So it was somewhat tiring. I have missed it though, I have forgotten how much I enjoy getting the bike offroad, charging along a quiet path. I might even try and get out along the river at some stage this weekend. I am trying to persuade mrsfb to buy one, so we can go and explore together.  Just something different for us both to get into.