Planning ahead

I have a little time off coming up soon, will be off work from this Friday until the Wednesday. I think I need to plan to use this time productively, make the most of it for a change. So I think I am going to have a long walk on my own one day, go up or down the river to somewhere, take the camera with me, get loads of pictures. I may try and repeat the walk we did on Sunday, with a few detours along the way. I think I may have another day spent reading stuff I could do with getting through (I have a few O’Reilly geekbooks to read at the moment). And finally a day spent knocking items off my ever expanding todo list.

Right, that does now sound like a plan. Will be visiting my parents on the Friday and Saturday, which will be good, doubley good in fact as my sister and her hubby are over from France. Can’t wait to see everyone, has been too long. In fact, I better book my tickets for that right now.