Now well into early 2003 in terms of copying old posts across to this blog. Very odd re-reading your life of the past two years. Must try and do a bit more of what I have siad I’d do. Or not.

My good friend TM whom I visited a couple of weekends ago has had an affect on me, and got me sipping Peppermint tea from time to time now. It is very refreshing, and also caffine-free, which cannot be a bad thing for me, the coffee-addict that I am. Will have to get a larger supply in.

I realised last night I forgot to mention my other obsession at the moment, the number puzzle Sudoko. I realise I may be the very last person on this bandwagon, but I am loving them, have a couple of books of them now I take on bus journeys and the like. Good for helping to tax my brain a little.

Also, last night for the first time I watched some TV Poker. And felt myself starting to get it. I may have to start playing myself. Don’t worry, I don’t do proper gambling for money or anything. I have known since an early age when it comes to betting I have zero luck. I may however download a version for my phone, I have a version of Blackjack I have been playing on my mobile for months, which is a good little travel diversion.


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  1. Eh, maybe you can explain to me the fascination of poker. I don’t understand watching other people play it… duller than golf.

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