Phantasy Star Online Episode 4. Now playing.

It is here! Years have I waited for a new episode of Phantasy Star Online , and my opinion so far, is that it is good. Almost all new monsters. Swarm patterns of attacks. Some impervious to any gunfire whatsoever, so some thought involved. Big fat sprawling levels. And that is only in my first half hour of play. I’ll talk about it more in depth in a couple of days, but thus far, one happy flotsky. I must admit, I stuck GT4 on B-spec mode, and completed a championship whilst playing the first level a bit. Gaming multi-tasking is here to stay.




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  1. Mr Anon Avatar
    Mr Anon

    I’m a raging div, so could you direct me to where I need to register PSO.

    And I see you’ve discovered the real use for B-Spec 🙂