On a cold crisp New Years Day

A happy new year to everyone who bothers to read this! I’m sat with a cuppa, watching what David Vine used to refer to on Ski Sunday as “The traditional hangover cure”, the second leg of the Four Hills ski-jumping tournament. Garmisch-Partenkirchen looks lovely and snow-bound, and I’m glad to be indoors.

We had a good fun New Year, went to a party at the Victoria Arms in Marston, invited by one of Mrsfb’s friends. Lots of good food and drink, not too busy, and a good group of people. Everything you need really.

So what does the new year bring for me? Well, we’ve got to move house fairly soon, so the search for that is the first priority. Hopefully after that, we’ll manage to get across to France to visit flotskysister, which will probably be our main holiday for the year. Other than that, I think all I’m after is to be fit and healthy (well slightly fitter, slightly healthier) and enjoy the year. Write a bit more, ideally a lot more. That should do for me.