I am now 31, having done the decent thing and had my birthday on Saturday (I was about due another one). Actually, it probably is a good sign that it seems ages since my last one, I guess I must really be busy enjoying life these days.

I also ate lobster for the first time on Thursday, and have to say that it did not disappoint. I have a date with a whole lobster in the none-too-distant future.

I have gone kebab crazy lately, and have decided on a dish tomorrow that involves stir-fried chicken, with vegetable kebabs. Looking forwards to trying this out.

And lastly, watched two great tv shows last night, The Harry Hill show, his latest series now on ITV, and Little Britain which is David Walliams and Matt Lucas’s latest creation, sort of a camp league of gentlemen, which is quite an achievment in itself, nevermind making it far funnier.


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