And so I am 33. Hurrah for me. I shall celebrated by writing Perl, a little

HTML, and more Perl. Actually, to be fair, I am looking forwards to a nice
birthday tea cooked for me by S’s fair hand, I’m just being pissy cos I have
to work rather than take it easy at home. And even then I could have booked a
day off if I had been more organised. So I only have myself to blame.
Still, it should be an automatic holiday to have your birthday off, if only so
you can drink yourself into a stupor celebrating your extra wrinkles.

And maybe another day off to recover

One of my pressies from S was Lost in Translation, which I am looking forwards to
watching a lot, heard a lot of good things about it.

No sign of the DS as of yet. Early days, but I am holding onto the offchance that
I might get it for me birthday.

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