Okay so never say this is the longest time you’ve kept a diary

Cos that never helps. We’re also back at day two of not smoking, which I can explain, and it is not some temporal time-warp thing going on.

Okay so GTA3 Vice City is the game du jour. Fucking brilliant. A hell of a lot has been tweaked. Looks great plays great even smells great. Only complaint I can think of is that anything involving a remote control vehicle is fucking awful. How they can design a game with brilliantly simple and effective driving, and then add in elements of remote control driving and flying (a simulation within a simulation, if you will) and make it frustrating to the point of wanting to get the designers mobile phone number, calling them up, getting to know them, befriend them, go out for a few drinks and meals, introduce respective partners, get to know their kids, look after their pets when they are away, waiting ten years before finally killing them in cold blood by beating them solely in the face with a potato masher. Well it is frustrating. Other than that, fucking great.