Off Course

For the day now. Time to relax, eat, surf, watch war, and make phone calls. One of the perks of a BT training course is free national calls. Nice. Will try and make the most of that. Fell asleep very early last night, so hoping to stay up somewhat later tonight. Will have a big feed tonight.

Will also be reading some more of Stupid White Men, which is truely great. If you go to Michael Moore’s website you can read a bonus online chapter.

I need to get back into reading a bit more again, I’ve been slack for a while. I do have a couple of books I intend to finish, then I should buy some more. A lot more. In fact I might write a new page listing what I have bookwise (in literary terms, don’t feel the need to remember that I have HTML 3 for dummies) and what I want to get.