Someone e-mailed me to say they had a problem with their machine. Except they didn’t.
Except that their e-mail was sending messages it shouldn’t. So it had a problem. Which I then fixed. Very odd. I understood the problem, but just wierd that it was almost as if the machine rather than the user was telling me what was wrong. I guess thats the future for you. Oh, and watch CNX if you have cable or satellite. Cartoons and Hong Kong Cinema. You know it makes sense.

No shines tonight. About 3/4 hour play, and no shines. It is round about now that they start to dry up, you really, really have to work for them. I’ve got a couple of hours to myself to kill tomorrow night, so I might push on and try for a few more. Also got a better go on Unreal Tournament 2003, the full version. Not quite back into it, but I’ll get there. As for The Sims, spent about an hour installing it, loading up expansion packs. Played my first game. Within ten minutes one of the women had cooked herself a meal, set fire to the house, and killed her housemate. That is possibly one of the most brutal and unexpected starts to a game ever for me. Having put out the fire, to allow her a bit of recovery, I put her to bed. Then the house gets robbed. I ended up with a bare house, and her standing in a room just shaking her head. Sim games and me just don’t go together I guess.

By all accounts, Iron Chef could be the next big TV format in the UK. Masterchef meets American Gladiators.