Odd week

Sad to report that flotskydad has been in hospital this week. Nothing too serious thankfully, but obviously a big worry. Happily he is due out tomorrow, and even more happily, we will be there to see him. Really looking forwards to it, he hasn’t had a great time obviously, and it will be very good to see him and catch up, and obviously see my mum as well.

Also have been reading about this chap, the Mole Man of Hackney. I think he may be a little bit of a hero to me, I’ve always wanted to have a massive networkd of underground rooms and tunnels at my disposal. It could be the Bond villain in me I suppose.

Finally, about halfway down on the right hand side is a new little display I’ve added, which shows what I have been listening to. So now you can know too. The information comes from last.fm which is a great music site. You can download a plugin for your music player (including itunes) which passes this info to the website (so obviously, if you would rather that was private, don’t do it). If you set yourself up there, let me know.







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