Odd few days

I have been working from home for a few days, sorting out an issue with our content management system at work. Quite nifty really, was talking to a chap in Sweden on MSN in the evenings whilst we worked on the same computer. Isn’t technology marvellous! So spent a couple of days getting up, gaming and relaxing in the morning, then working afternoon/evening until fairly late at night. Very odd way round to have your day, not sure I liked it.

Anyways, this weekend brings a visit from my parents, and possibly a little light gardening. That was the other thing I did whilst working at home, spent a little time each day in the garden so I got out, and so that I started the clean-up operation that needs to take place to sort it out. Am going to blitz it over the next month or two before things really start growing in earnest again.

I have finished Crackdown, and got to one of the lamest plot twists in the history of gaming. It is a must-see, if only in terms of how not to do it. Still, great fun game, which has still got me cleaning up the achievements.