Not what you expected today?

Ha, a little dash of colour on the site now, am thinking about colour schemes, interested what people think about this as a base to start from? Certainly better than the default colours I think, but you may not agree. And hello to people reading this in a news reader, in which case come over to the site and see what you think.

Little break away from blogging, have had a lengthy break over easter. Didn’t do as much as we wanted, as mrsfb was a bit ill (all better now). Still did get to see her folks for a couple of days, which was very pleasent, and then relaxed the rest of the time. I got Guitar Hero II, which I love, and she can’t stop laughing at me when I play as “apparently” I rockgurn when I play guitar. I don’t know, I can’t see me. Great game though. Does hurt to play somewhat mind, not used to it.







2 responses to “Not what you expected today?”

  1. Al Avatar

    Rockgurn? Nice! I do the same when I juggle apparently!

  2. flotsky Avatar

    I’m slightly more co-ordinated at faux-guitar than juggling, but I suspect I’m the same when doing the diabolo.