Not counting down the days at all

3.75 by my latest reckoning before I get to run away for Christmas. I’ve suspect we are going to be sort of busy, despite my best efforts to hide away for a week or so. Ah well. Will still try to use some of my time fruitfully, going to order myself at gunpoint to do a bit of writing. Try for an hour a day. Something like that anyways. Got this sitcom idea I want to do some work on, have some groundwork done, need to expand that more, try and get some of a first episode written and fleshed out. Have quite a bit of it in my head, need to get it down on paper and make it more complete.

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  1. Is there room in that sitcom for an intelligent duck that watches F1 and anime?

    Truthfully, I’ve seen worse characters on Brit TV…

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