New York here we come!

We have booked our tickets for New York last night. Very excited, now need to sort a hotel, and start figuring out what we get up to for a week. In fact we’ve got quite a few ideas already, but we need to decide on what we want to do most of all, and work around those. I’d kind of like to do an event or two, go to a gig or a show on Broadway, something like that. Living the dream!

Will gladly take any New York suggestions in the comments, all ideas greatfully received.

While I’m here, can I give a quick plug to my new site Wrestling with Consciousness. If you like wrestling, you’ll like it, if you don’t, then well, you won’t.







One response to “New York here we come!”

  1. Emily Avatar

    Do not, I repeat, do not stay at the YMCA nr Greenwich Village. Cockroaches as big as people, women trying to steal your trainers under showerroom doors and people shooting up all over the place. Vile, but cheap (think it was $15 a night or something).

    Do go to Bronx Zoo and if you need a list of cool shops to visit, I am your woman (particularly for trainers).

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