New page, new way

So I am writing this whilst rattling along the M40 on the Oxford Tube bus. I bloody love technology! Travelling into London to do my course. Feel a little weird because this is going to be the longest I have been away from S since before we were married I think. We’ll survive, but I’d just far rather be with her than not, which to my mind is a very good thing to think.

All exciting because I am staying in a new hotel in London, around the Barbican area. Don’t know that bit of London that well, but I’m sure I will learn it all soon enough. Just stopped at Hillingdon if you want to keep track of things.

Ooohh, in the past day or so we had a vistor to the site from Costa Rica *waves*. Been a little while since we had a new country to add to the list.

Spent some of yesterday downloading bad ringtones for my phone. I think the worst one was “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath, poor production quality frankly. I might well go with “Da Funk” by Daft Punk as my tone of choice for now.

Few hours later, set up in my hotel room, watching boxing and relaxing. Going to have myself a very sensible nights sleep, so I am bright and bushy for my course tomorrow. Makes a change that. Going to learn how to design lotus notes stuff. I think it shouldn’t be too tought with a bit of luck.

Need to have a rethink this week about the writing. Have stalled on the current project for a couple of weeks, I suspect because it just isn’t a great idea. I think I need to note down some new ideas for stories, plot them out a bit more this time, then do my character studies, and take it from there. I liked some of the characters I wrote before, but the idea was a bit weak.


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