My WrestleMania 24 Review

Is as follows:

Nothing whatsoever. Why? I was foolish enough to move to Virgin Media recently, and have paid my £14.95 to watch it live tonight. However, I have had a blank screen since the first five minutes, no reboots will solve it. I’ve established from some UK wrestling forums that other Virgin customers are having the same problem. There is no-one available at Virgin to help, as they close their helplines at midnight. Further reading also established that they messed up last years Wrestlemania too. So what the hell is going on? Why haven’t they learnt their lesson from last year? Put a few people on just in case the same thing happens again. Last year they refunded everyone (according to what I’ve read). Don’t Virgin want my money? Are they stupid? I’ll update when I’ve actually spoken to them about it tomorrow.

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