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The Viewtiful Joe website. Awful name, possibly great game

The List of GC games being shown at E3. Looks fantastic basically. Game Zero unveiled. Mario Kart, Golf and Tennis all coming.

Nintendo’s plans for the future. No online, give people a gameboy player for buying a GC, and not being very online (apparently online gaming won’t catch on for a few years. Sony and Microsoft seem to disagree, but hey, what do they know about consoles?)

Is Nintendo in trouble? Good article by Stephen Kent, the author of Game Over.

Interview with the people responsible for

A good article about Women in videogames. This mentioned an underground Nintendo rom called Super Peach Sisters, a feminist retread of Super Mario Brothers. Mario is kidnapped, and Princess Peach and her sisters have to go and save him. I started looking for this (I’ll let you know when I find it) and came across this, which disturbed me somewhat. Mario fan fiction. It is worksafe and not at all rude. Just odd.

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