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Well it seems the weather gods do read my blog, lovely day outside at the moment. It may get wet later, but it’s been nice thus far. I got slightly drenched on the way home last night, despite having a brolly and “the way home” being a two minute walk from the bus stop. Mrsfb wasn’t anything like as lucky and got absolutely soaked through, poor thing. Oh well, it is supposed to be nicer over the next few days.

Have to get around to facing up to sorting my Xbox shortly, especially as the Halo 3 beta is just out. I have also found out through the forums on Digital Spy that I might be able to get my dodgy Sky+ box replaced, which would be a very good thing indeed, as the quality of the recordings on it at the moment are shocking, the sound skips to the point of it being unwatchable. I was considering packing it all in and moving to Virgin, but the accounts of people using their boxes are even worse, same problems, but then with issues on the boxes not recording at all thrown in, which hasn’t ever really been a problem on Sky. So I’ll try and get it sorted and stick with them.


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